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Zhejiang issues policies to support rural vitalization

ezhejiang.gov.cn| Updated : Mar 30, 2023

Authorities in East China's Zhejiang province recently released a series of policies to support rural vitalization and enhance the development of agricultural and rural areas.

According to the policies, Zhejiang will take steps to ensure the income of grain farmers and provide financial subsidies to them.

Other goals include raising the financial investment in key agricultural core technologies, carrying out pilot projects to integrate agricultural machinery R&D, manufacturing, promotion, and application, and supporting the R&D, manufacturing, promotion, and application of small intelligent tractors and other products in hilly and mountainous areas.

The policies contain 20 measures that are focused on the implementation of water conservancy construction, comprehensive land improvement, and other aspects that would accelerate the improvement of agricultural infrastructure.

The policies also mention the provision of support for the construction of major agricultural and rural projects that would increase farmers' incomes. According to the policies, Zhejiang will invest 60 billion yuan ($8.71 billion) into developing rural areas by the end of 2023.