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Jiaxing sees growing digital economy

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated : Jul 28, 2023

The Nanhu Conference of Leading Software Enterprises in Zhejiang was held in Jiaxing, Zhejiang province on July 27.

Many guests from well-known enterprises, universities, and research institutes in the software industry attended the conference, focusing on promoting the development of the industry.

During the conference, agreements on six strategic cooperation and industrial projects were signed, involving fields such as artificial intelligence, digitalization, data analysis, and network security system.

Sangfor Technologies Co Ltd is one of the beneficiaries of this event. The company reached a cooperation agreement on enterprise network security system with the Nanhui New District Management Committee.

In the future, the company will establish a new branch in Nanhui New District to further provide network security and informatization services for local enterprises and governments, train professional technical personnel, and make contributions to Jiaxing's economic and social development.

Jiaxing is seeing a growing digital economy. The software and information service industry, one of the core industries in the digital economy, has created new opportunities for economic growth and injected new momentum into the economy.

From January to May, Jiaxing's above-designated-size enterprises in core industries in the digital economy achieved an operating income of 159.35 billion yuan ($19.47 billion), ranking among the top in the province.

It is expected that by 2027, Jiaxing will strive to achieve a software business income of 50 billion yuan and a software workforce of 80,000 people.