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Jiaxing welcomes Asian Games via intangible cultural heritage items

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated : Sep 21, 2023

Jiaxing, a city in Zhejiang province, is ready to welcome the Asian Games with its rich and diverse intangible cultural heritage items. Among them are straw painting, farmer painting, and palm weaving, which are unique folk arts that reflect the local culture and history.

These intangible cultural heritage items are not only beautiful but also serve as expressions of Jiaxing's love and support for the Asian Games.


A straw painting depciting Asian Games sports. [Photo/apicnrapp.cnr.cn]

Li Jianwei, a villager in Jiaxing's Xiuzhou district, is a master of straw painting. He has created many lifelike works with straw, such as horses, tigers, and eagles. To celebrate the Asian Games, he had his students make straw paintings of Asian Games events and mascots.

Farmer painting originated in the 1980s. In Youchegang town, Xiuzhou district, there is a farmer painting team. They have created a 6-meter scroll featuring the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal for the Asian Games. Dong Fenzhen, another farmer painter, created a painting showcasing rural cultural scenes and sports elements.


The mascots of the Asian Games made by Zeng Xiuquan. [Photo/apicnrapp.cnr.cn]

Palm weaving is an art form that uses palm leaves to weave various shapes. Zeng Xiuquan, a young intangible cultural heritage inheritor in Honghe town, Xiuzhou district, is skilled at palm weaving. He has woven Asian Games mascots and sporting events with palm leaves.