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Jiaxing enterprises secure new deals in Japan

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated : Mar 1, 2024

Jiaxing enterprises made a splash at the Japan Fashion Garment Salon in Tokyo from Feb 28 to 29. Among the 102 participating enterprises, nearly half hailed from Jiaxing. Over 50 top Japanese buyers, including Mitsui and Uniqlo, were invited, setting the stage for the bustling event.

Wang Xueqin, Jiaxin Silk's foreign trade salesman, was busy on the first day, reconnecting with the Japanese market after years of focusing on Europe. The company secured $200,000 in potential orders for their innovative women's fashion line.

"We made sure to be thoroughly prepared, understanding Japan's fashion trends," Wang explained. One Japanese customer even provided original design sketches and style images, expressing interest in ordering 20,000 pieces of women's clothing in around 10 different styles.

Similarly, Jiaxing Sanhui Apparel bagged several intention orders totaling approximately $130,000, despite the economic downturn in Japan. Adjusting to lower order quantities, the company strategized by collaborating with factories in Southeast Asia to maintain cost-effectiveness.

"Our goal is to maintain quality while reducing costs," Zhu Yanyan from Shanhui Apparel shared. The company plans to use RCEP's low tariffs to its advantage, exporting materials to Southeast Asia for production before shipping to Japan.

Jiaxing's commitment to international trade is evident through increased subsidies for participating in key overseas exhibitions. Each enterprise at the Japan Fashion Apparel Salon received a subsidy of 40,000 yuan ($5,558.02), a notable increase from previous years.

Looking ahead, Jiaxing aims to organize over 3,600 enterprises for international market exploration throughout the year.