Wonderful ribbon celebrates Baishanzu National Park

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated : Sep 11, 2020 L M S

Lan Yanlan, an inheritor of the ribbon weaving skills of the She ethnic group, recently made a special ribbon to celebrate the establishment of Baishanzu National Park in Lishui city, in East China's Zhejiang province.


Lan Yanlan works on the ribbon that celebrates the establishment of the Baishanzu National Park. [Photo/jnnews.zj.cn]

As the traditional handicraft fabric of the She ethnic group, Lan says the ribbon is the "living fossil" of the She culture, as well as the mascot for the pledge of love, marriage and blessings for a good life of the She ethnic group.

"The establishment of Baishanzu National Park was the result of respecting nature and protecting our environment," Lan said.

"Not only do we enjoy the benefits of a better environment, but so do future generations. So I wanted to make a ribbon for the park," she added.


Lan Yanlan with her handmade ribbon. [Photo/jnnews.zj.cn]

Lan spent seven days weaving a two-meter long ribbon with black 10 Chinese characters saying "establishing a national park is respecting nature" on a red background.

Lan said she wants to give the ribbon to a local school to let the children experience the She culture and learn about the national park.