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Jiaxing streetcar starts full-load dynamic functional test

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated : May 13, 2021


The Jiaxing streetcar named "Nanhu Lake" starts its full-load dynamic functional test on May 9. [Photo/cnjxol.com]

The Jiaxing streetcar named "Nanhu Lake" started its full-load dynamic functional test on May 9, Jiaxing Daily reported.

The streetcar's carriage was loaded with sandbags weighing 21.6 metric tons in total, which were equal to 360 passengers with an average weight of 60 kilograms.

Such a load is used to simulate the most crowded situations during the streetcar's operation to test whether its technical parameters, including accelerated speed, vibration amplitude, as well as noise level, are safe and reliable.

The test is expected to last for 15 days, a necessary condition for a streetcar's normal operations, and the dynamic functional test is the most important part.

Jiaxing plans to pave seven routes for streetcars, extending 98 kilometers. The first phase of the project spans 15.6 km and connects South Jiaxing Station and Jiaxing Station. It is expected to be put into operation by the end of June this year.

The street cars can not only operate with charged batteries, but also boasts smart car functions, such as 5G-enabled vehicle-ground wireless data transmission technology to enable real-time transmission of vehicle status data and videos to the control center.


Staff members from Jiaxing Streetcar Co are busy monitoring data during the full-load dynamic functional test. [Photo/cnjxol.com]