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Jiaxing rolls out measures to improve business environment

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated : Jul 7, 2021

Jiaxing in East China's Zhejiang province has released 100 measures to further improve its business environment, local media reported on July 6.

The following are the main measures.

Newly-established companies can download an e-stamp and an e-business license free of charge.

Small-scale, low-risk projects will receive approval from the local government within 15 working days.

The procedure and documents needed for electricity application will be further streamlined. Applications for low voltage electricity can be completed within 15 working days. Applications for high voltage electricity can be completed within 22 working days.

About 80 percent of real estate mortgage registration can be managed online.

Jiaxing will have another 200 billion yuan ($30.89 billion) of loans this year and over 20,000 small and micro-sized businesses and individual businesses are expected to apply for a loan for the first time.

The city will further open up its automobile and finance sectors and guide more foreign investments to the advanced manufacturing, science and technology service, energy conservation and environment protection sectors.