Yunhe wooden toy industry goes on despite virus outbreak

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated : Aug 14, 2020 L M S

A train loaded with 70 TEUs (twenty-foot equivalent unit) of wooden toys set out from Lishui Station to Zhoushan Port, Ningbo, recently. This is the first time the Lishui-Ningbo Zhoushan Port rail-sea transit route had carried a special train full of wooden toys from Yunhe county in Lishui, Zhejiang province.

The third quarter of each year used to be the peak period for shipments of Yunhe wooden toys, with average monthly exports of more than 300 TEUs. This year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the export cycle has been delayed, making it more difficult for enterprises to book transport vehicles.

To solve logistics problems faced by enterprises, Lishui rail-sea transit project gave full play to the advantages of cooperation with Ningbo Port, and set up a special train for wooden toy products.

Innovative measures have turned the crisis into opportunities for Yunhe's wooden toy industry.

Yunhe is planning to make full use of the wooden toy industry's chain advantages, accelerate the construction of wooden toy industrial innovation service complexes, and achieve intelligent reconstruction of its production lines.