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Suichang county sets record for speed in project approvals

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated : Aug 26, 2020 L M S

A record was recently set for the time taken to approve an investment project in Suichang county, administered by Lishui city in East China's Zhejiang province, according to local officials.

They said it took only 34 days from the listing of the land to the approval for construction of a plant by Zhejiang Hongye Building Materials Co Ltd.

According to company chief Chen Guoxing, all the administrative examinations and approvals for the project were handled by intermediary enterprises.

Since 2019 the Suichang government has made every effort to improve the approval speed and streamline the entire administrative process and it encourages enterprises to entrust specialist intermediaries to handle the applications.

In addition to project approvals, Suichang has also made great progress in other investment services in recent years.

Since the start of the year, Suichang has selected professionals from the bureaus of development and reform, education, natural resources and planning to form a pre-project service guidance team, focusing on solving difficulties in municipal facilities projects.