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Aegean Island, Greece

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Date of establishment of friendly exchange relations with Lishui: Nov 1, 2011


Aegean Island sits in the middle of Gonzalo Knicks Bay, Greece, with a land area of 85 square kilometers. The coastline is about 57 km and the island has a population of 11,000.

In 1821, the island became the first independent city established in Greece, playing an important role in the history of the nation. In 1826, the island became the first center of government in the modern history of Greece, and was regarded as the capital at that time. The first state bank, national museum, national library and national printer were all built there.

Aegean Island has exquisite scenery and is a part of many ancient Greek mythologies, as well as lots of human history.

There is a chain of undulating hills on the island and several port towns dotted along the peaceful coast. The island has long been known as a "land of idyllic beauty".

Tourism is developed on the island, with attractions that include riding or walking along the seashore, visiting classic buildings, and relaxing in cafes and bars at the seaside.

In summer, grand cultural events are held on the island, such as the Cultural Summer Festival organized by the government and the culture department, and an international music festival, which involves many art forms.

Tourists can also visit many interesting historical sites and temples on the island.