Spotlight falls on renowned Longquan celadon ceramics

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated : Dec 14, 2020 L M S


The third World Celadon Conference opens in Longquan, Lishui, on Dec 11. [Photo/Lishui Daily]

With its theme of the "Legendary Longquan of the World, Marvelous Ingenuity of Ceramics Works", the third World Celadon Conference opened on Dec 11 in Longquan – a county-level city administered by Lishui in East China's Zhejiang province – according to the Lishui Daily newspaper.

Local officials said the annual event through 30 activities showcases the pivotal history and role in cultural exchanges involving the jade green-glazed Chinese ceramics.

As opposed to previous iterations – in addition to the activities in Longquan – the China Cultural Center in the city of Seoul in South Korea launched an exhibition of Longquan celadon on Dec 8, as a sub-activity of the event.

At the conference's opening ceremony, the achievements of Longquan celadon and the Longquan sword – yet another example of the intangible cultural heritage of Longquan – were presented by officials.

Torbjorn Kvasbo, the president of the International Academy of Ceramics and Wang Xudong, director of the Palace Museum, delivered speeches via video link at the opening ceremony.