Spring delicacies in Lishui

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated : Mar 4, 2021 L M S

Bamboo shoots

Compared with bamboo shoots in the winter, the bamboo shoots grown in the spring are much cheaper and easier to get. With plenty of moisture, the bamboo shoots are usually juicy and taste good no matter how they are cooked.

Chinese chives


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Chinese chives grow fast in the spring. With nutrients absorbed in the winter, the garlicky flavor of chives in the spring will be stronger.

Crucian carps

The flesh of crucian carps in the Oujiang River, the mother river of Lishui, is tenderer in the spring compared to other seasons.

Mustard leaves


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Mustard leaves can be found on Chinese families' dining tables in the spring. With a greenish appearance and crispy taste, they are usually regarded as a reflection of springtime vitality and are liked by many Chinese people.

River snails

There is a local saying that goes "River snails before the Qingming Festival taste as good as geese". This is because river snails during this time have only a faint soil smell and there is no baby snail in the shell. People often stir-fry the snails with peppers.

Jicai (shepherd's purse)

Jicai, or shepherd's purse, is a kind of edible wild herb that becomes ripe in the spring. Chinese people usually mix it with minced meat and make dumplings or wontons with them.

Houttuynia cordata


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Houttuynia cordata, or "fishy-smelly herb", is a wild vegetable that grows in moist soil. Some people like it because of the fishy smell and the health benefits of the herb. It is usually made into a cold salad.