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Suichang county

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated : Mar 16, 2021 L M S


Nanjianyan in Suichang county, Lishui, Zhejiang province [Photo by Cheng Changfu]


In 2020, Suichang county in Lishui, Zhejiang province achieved a regional GDP of 13.08 billion yuan ($2.01 billion), at a growth rate of 7.4 percent.

Brief introduction:

Suichang county in Lishui, Zhejiang province, known as Xian county ("Xian" means fairy in Chinese) in ancient times, is blessed with beautiful mountains and rivers, natural and cultural landscapes and rich tourism resources. It has one national nature reserve, one forest park, one mine park, four 4A level national tourist attractions and one provincial "Red Tourism" scenic area ("Red Tourism" means tourism themed on the revolution).

Suichang county has a friendly ecological environment, with a forest coverage rate of 82.3 percent, ranking among the highest in Zhejiang province. It has a primitive forest rare in East China – the Jiulong Mountain national natural reserve, and the only forest park named after a county's name in China – the Suichang national forest park. The county has 9,260 negative oxygen ions per cubic centimeter, more than six times higher than the world's fresh air standard.

Suichang is one of the counties with rich mineral resources in Zhejiang province. More than 30 kinds of minerals have been found in the county, as well as more than 100 ore deposits of gold, silver, lead, zinc, cobalt, fluorite, granite and other minerals. It is the main production base of gold, silver and fluorite in Zhejiang province.