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Qingtian county

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated : Mar 16, 2021 L M S


Rice fields in Zhou village, Fushan township, Qingtian county, Lishui [Photo/IC]

Qingtian county has a convenient traffic system, with its government about 50 kilometers away Wenzhou, a central city in southern Zhejiang. It is only one hour's drive from Wenzhou Airport. The G330 National Highway, the Jinhua-Wenzhou railway and the under-construction Oujiang waterway run through the entire county. It is the window of the opening-up of Lishui, and is called the back garden of Wenzhou.

Qingtian county, endowed with picturesque scenery and wonderful ecology, has chains of mountains such as Kuocang mountain, Donggong Mountain and Yandang Mountain, as well as the Oujiang River flowing through the entire county.

It is a part of the national ecological demonstration area of Lishui, with dense forests, fresh air, good water quality and an excellent ecological environment.

Qingtian is also known as the hometown of stone carvings. Honored as one of the "Chinese top four stones", Qingtian stone, has a history of more than 6,000 years, while the Qingtian stone carvings, originated in the Southern and Northern Dynasties (420-581), has a history of more than 1,600 years, which has been chosen as a national present on many occasions.

Qingtian county has jurisdiction over three subdistricts, nine towns and 20 townships.