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Shaoxing Luzhen Scenic Resort

ezhejiang.gov.cn| Updated: October 1, 2020 L M S


Shaoxing Luzhen Scenic Resort [Photo provided to enshaoxing.com]

Luzhen Scenic Resort combines the folk customs, architectural charm and natural scenery of the old Shaoxing water town, which is like a scene from Shaoxing 100 years ago. The resort is a recreation cultural theme scenic spot and the product of the combination of a traditional tourism scenic spot and a modern theme park.

According to the typical environment of Luzhen town in Chinese writer Lu Xun's works, the scenic spot combines the scenery of his stories, such as The True Story of Ah Q and Diary of a Madman, with the traditional culture of Shaoxing.

Luzhen Scenic Resort is divided into five areas: a traditional catering area, a traditional shop area, a leisure and exhibition area, a traditional residential area and a water tourism area. The five areas are separated by rivers and connected by bridges.