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Shaoxing memorializes Lu Xun, Bernard Shaw meeting

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated: October 22, 2021 L M S


A dialogue to memorialize the meeting of Lu Xun and Bernard Shaw takes place in Shaoxing on Oct 19. [Photo/zjol.com.cn]

The Master Dialogue: Lu Xun and George Bernard Shaw event was held in Shaoxing, East China's Zhejiang province on Oct 19.

The activity was streamed online, with the main venue at Luxun Native Place in Shaoxing, as well as two sub-venues in Shanghai and Dublin, Ireland.

Wendy Dorman-Smith, consul general of Ireland in Shanghai, and Zhou Lingfei, Lu Xun's eldest grandson, attended the event.

Attendants exchanged their ideas on Chinese and Irish literature, as well as the milestone meeting between Lu Xun (1881-1936) and Bernard Shaw (1856-1950) that took place in Shanghai in February 1933.

The annual master dialogue event has been held seven times since 2014 and is designed to promote Chinese modern literature through the influence of Lu Xun.

Oct 19 also marked the 85th anniversary of the death of Lu Xun, whose real name was Zhou Shuren. Lu played a key role in the New Culture Movement from the 1910s to 1920s that widely inspired the Chinese public.

As a translator, he also introduced many German and Japanese works into China, thus widening people's horizons to be more international.