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Culture and Tourism

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  • Cultural Resources

    Intangible cultural heritages, folk arts, special festivals, and customs and resources in Zhejiang, such as Liangzhu culture and Yueju opera

  • Celebrities

    Cultural celebrities from ancient times to the present in Zhejiang province, including writers, artists and designers

  • Museums

    Comprehensive and thematic cultural centers, art galleries and museums in Zhejiang province, such as Liangzhu Museum

  • Attractions

    Famous attractions in Zhejiang province, such as West Lake, Yandang Mountain, Mount Putuo, Thousand Island Lake and Wuzhen

  • Dining

    Zhejiang cuisine, one of the top eight cuisines of China, with delicate style, fresh ingredients and a smooth and tender taste

  • Accommodation

    Accommodation in Zhejiang province, from the least expensive guest houses to award-winning deluxe 5-star hotels

  • Shopping

    Fashionable shopping centers and time-honored shopping streets all over Zhejiang province