•  Visas

    Basic facts, types and application of visas, information on Chinese resident permits, downloads and special notes

  •  Healthcare

    Introduction, address and contact information of hospitals, clinics and insurance institutions all over Zhejiang

  •  Marriage

    China's foreign marriage policy, contact information of foreign-related marriage registration offices

  •  Adoption

    China's foreign adoption policy and contact information of Zhejiang Civil Affairs Bureau

  •  Transportation

    Traffic conditions in Zhejiang province and its prefecture-level cities including railways, airports, buses, metros and public bicycles

  •  Working

    Employment methods and recruitment information for foreigners in Zhejiang province, and application procedures for work permits

  •  Studying

    General situation of Zhejiang international education, information about international schools and colleges in Zhejiang

  •  Useful Info

    Other information that may be useful in daily life, such as all kinds of emergency numbers and ways to contact travel agencies


Zhejiang province, Zhe for short, got its name after the Qiantang River. It is one of China's most economically developed provinces and is located on the country’s southeastern coast. A pioneer in China's reform and opening-up, Zhejiang saw its GDP rise to 5.6 trillion yuan ($832.22 billion) in 2018 and its industries, including information, tourism, and high-end equipment manufacturing, are currently experiencing rapid growth.